About Us

Our goals for your customers


Adjuka was created by a computer scientist graduate with a passion for gaming.
From having managed huge groups of game servers in the past, this founder realised there was a big need for game community owners to cover the costs of rented servers. With a large section of games allowing for websites to be displayed in-game, the founder set out to work on a website that would allow game community owners to monetize to the players that frequent their servers.

Not only does Adjuka provide a way to fund game servers without much hastle, but because of the vast experience collected while managing servers, Adjuka can also provide advice to new and existing gaming communities.


Adjuka allows advertisers to tap into the previously inaccessible audience: PC gamers. By displaying ads to gamers directly, advertisers can seek to advertise products such as gaming equipment or games more effectivly. However, the interest of our audience does not stop there. Each gamer brings their own interests, providing a huge pool of products that could potentially be interesting to this potential customer base.